How is everyone’s Christmas shopping going? Well, if you are like us, we love to shop but our budget is tight this time of year. It is not only the gifts to buy –  but all the little extras that are needed to celebrate the festive month.

Somewhat inspired by Tatler Magazine’s Style Editor’s trip to Poundland – as seen on the BBC show, “Posh People – Inside Tatler” we decided to allocate a whole £5 to see if we could come away with some decent pre Christmas savings.

In doing so we looked up Sainsbury’s online prices as at the date of this posting to do a quick rough comparison. Here’s how we did!

Our 5 Poundland items

1. AA Batteries







You may not have a need for them now – and they far from a glamorous buy –  but they do come in handy. We have been buying a few too many battery powered christmas lights this season – so these are so useful.

Sainsbury’s has an offer for 12 AA Duracell Batteries for £4.99. But even with that great promotion – Poundland still saves you £4 – and you get a few extra batteries to boot!

2. After Eights

Poundland item After Eights

Yum! Need we say more – perfect to add to the Christmas treat pile. Who can resist? (rhetorical)

Sainsbury’s price: £2 (on sale) – but you get a 300g packet at Sainsbury’s – whereas at Poundland it is a 140g packet. So no real saving here on that kind of comparison. Your hips will prefer the Poundland packet though!

3. Santa Sack

Poundland Santa Sack






These are great for schlepping around presents or even keeping together a bunch of small gifts for under the tree. We are impressed by the size and the professional looking finish.

In terms of comparing this with Sainbury’s – there are none. But we noticed that the fantastic site offers personalised ones which are very similar for £22 – but they can be personalised. So in terms of savings we will split the difference and estimate a saving of around £10.

4. Foil!

Poundland Foil picture







A mainstay for the kitchen at this time of year – you can never have enough.

Sainsbury’s price for its own brand – £1.75 for 300mm x 10m. The Poundland one is 15m but is not as wide – which we think evens out the comparison. Not a big saving – but 75p would stay in our pocket on this comparison.

5. Dog treats

Poundland Dog treats






So not an obvious Xmas purchase – but handy to have as a present for the four legged family members. Our fussy puppy loves these – so to us they are priceless.

Sainsbury’s price: 94p (on sale) normal price £1.25.

Our Poundland Verdict – thumbs up!

We must admit that we were a little surprised that we didn’t save on all items – but all in all we feel like we saved approx £15 which is very pleasing. Although one thing we must warn you about – it took all our restraint not to buy more items. If you intend on stocking up at Poundland be ruthless and keep your shopping cart light to maximise your savings.

Poundland Challenge Photo





All yours for £5!