Folks, I think there is no more denying that Autumn is now well and truly here. With this weekend’s cooler weather upon us, we came to that yearly decision – is it time to turn on our central heating? With heating costs notoriously notoriously high we have hesitated – but we’re sure it won’t be for long.

This year we are super keen to be smarter about controlling our heating bills – and here are our top 5 picks to help keep costs down this central heating season.

Number 1: Before you do anything – check your energy tariff and make sure you are on the cheapest.

The starting point is to check that you are on the most economical tariff and not being ripped off by your current provider.  Importantly you need to check this every now and again as cheap tariffs can expire and you may not be aware that you are paying more than you should. To take the pain of out of this personal admin, we love the MoneySaving Expert Energy Club Service. When you sign up the service they will find you the cheapest deal, monitor it on a monthly basis to see if there are any cheaper and they will suggest when is a good time to switch, all based on your requirements.

Number 2: Review your home – are there any cold areas you can easily fix?

You may be surprised to discover how many parts of your house may be letting the cold in and which could be easily fixed. Do a check of your windows and doors etc – are there any gaps that could be easily plugged? You might find that adding some simple draft excluders from your local hardware store will do the trick. Alternatively, if you have large windows where the heat seems to escape, check to see if your curtains are providing any protection or if you could add some clear plastic tape to further insulate the window frames.

Tip Number 3: Think about changes to your boiler settings 

How efficient is your boiler and are you using it in the most economical way? While not something that everyone is keen to invest time and energy in doing, but having your boiler serviced is a prudent way of making sure it is work well when you need it most. Also check your timer and temperature settings to see if small adjustments can lead to savings.

Tip Number 4: Do you need all your rooms heated at all times? 

Depending on your lifestyle it is likely that you may not use all of your rooms all of the time for heating purposes. You may use some rooms more during the week, and others more on the weekends. If so, adjust the settings on your central heaters in the rooms for when you use them the most.

Tip Number 5: Explore new technology

If you have already implemented many of the more practical DIY options to save on your heating you may want to discover the benefits of new technology. Whether this includes apps on your smartphones / tablets such as Hive which you can use to control your heating remotely, or whether you are thinking longer term and wish to invest in alternative energy sources such as adding solar panels.