If you collect Nectar points you were probably disappointed with the recent downgrade to the number of points you can collect with your Sainsbury’s shop. As reported in the Guardian, Sainsbury’s cut its Nectar points collection rate:

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from two for every £1 spent to just one, while shoppers will also no longer receive a point every time they use their own bag

All is not lost as Sainsbury’s have launched a pilot programme known as My Coupons which allows you to earn bonus Nectar points when you buy certain pre-registered items.

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Is it worth signing up to My Coupons?

We have been using the MyCoupons programme for about a month now and on the basis of our experience – YES – it is a good way to boost your Nectar points.

What is the My Coupons programme?

As mentioned on the My Coupons website, the programme works as follows:

  • First you register on My Coupons, including your Nectar card details

  • You then choose which coupons you would like to add to your ‘coupon wallet’ – you are allowed up to 5 and they give bonus Nectar when you buy the couponed item

  • Shop for the couponed items instore (large Sainsburys only) or online and make sure you swipe your Nectar card to collect the points

What we like about the scheme

  • There are a wide variety of coupon items to collect Nectar points – it is not hard to find things that you want to buy. It is intended to target items that you would typically buy and this seems to work out ok
  • The Nectar bonuses are good – our favourite one which we had 2 weeks in a row was ‘600 Nectar points’ for a £30 shop
  • You don’t need to print off vouchers etc – you just need to register your coupons online in your ‘coupon wallet’
  • You can swap out your coupons if you later change your mind
  • It will email the coupon list to you so that you can easily refer to it on your smartphone when shopping
  • You can use them with the paper vouchers that you receive at the checkout

What we don’t like so much

  • We have had a few issues with the website – it hasn’t always let us always log in when we have wanted. Quite frustrating when you have a shop coming up and you want to confirm which items you have selected
  • We understand that it is currently a pilot programme and it may change soon
  • You do need to be careful to check the expiry dates on your chosen coupons – they differ by coupon
  • You can’t use them at smaller ‘convenience’ Sainsburys

All in all – there are no deal-breakers and we have been pleased with the results to date.

Do you use My-Coupons or have any great tips to collect Nectar points? Tell us your experience in the comments section below