We’ve been hearing whispers of this new type of coffee for some time and thought it was time we checked it out. We are pleased we did!

What is bulletproof coffee?

If you are new to it – bulletproof coffee has been made famous by a man named Dave Asprey and it involves blending together high quality coffee, butter (grass fed such as Kerry Gold) and something called – Brain Octane Oil. Have we lost you yet? Too much of a faff? Please bear with us – it’s worth it!

Why should I drink bulletproof coffee?

You are probably wondering why you should try this buttery blend of coffee – well apart from surprisingly tasting good – it is known to help brain function. We have started taking it and we can honestly say it ‘super-charged’ our energy but (importantly) without the ‘jittery-ness’ of energy drinks. There are also claims of it helping with weight loss – which sucks us in everytime!

Where can I buy the ingredients for bulletproof coffee?

You are still probably wondering what Brain Octane Oil is and where in the world can you buy it. The good news is that you can purchase it easily via Amazon by clicking on the photos below.


How to make bulletproof coffee

Willing to give it a go? If so, here is the expert himself with a handy clip on how to make it. We made it slightly differently by brewing our coffee and then blitzing the butter and oil in our Nutribullet.