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Brendan coach trip photo

Why Coach Trip’s Brendan makes us Yipee!

A new season of Coach Trip has started this week (weekdays 5.30pm on C4) – which means we can expect more of the lovely Brendan! For those of…

The Missing Feature Photo

What to watch on Tele this week!

Our pick of this week’s tele is … The Missing Tuesday BBC1 9pm There is much to watch on tele this week – here are our top picks. Saturday If it’s Saturday…


Top Tele! How to Get Away with Murder

Just a heads-up, peeps!  Don’t forget the much-hyped ‘How to get away with Murder’ starts tonight on Universal Channel, 10pm. This could be the new LA Law with…

Downton Tele Picture

This week’s Top Tele!

There is PLENTY on TELE this week. Headlines news – it’s big US show week – we have Shonda Rhimes firing on all cylinders with the premiere of…


Bare-Chested in Grantchester!

ITV certainly increased the ‘Phwoar-factor’ in Grantchester last night as we caught a glimpse of our vicar-turned-sleuth in a state of semi-undress.  And we must say, the show…

New Books Super Thursday Photo

New Books: It’s “Super Thursday”!

More new books to dive into! If you think there is a wave of new books being released lately, then today will certainly feel like a tsunami! Called,…


This week’s Top Tele

Saturday:  It’s gotta be Strictly! (BBC1, 6.20pm) Can Tess and Claud match Mel and Sue as our favourite anchor-gals?  Sadly, someone has to leave .  Our prediction is…

Photo of new books on Man Booker Prize shortlist novel: we are all completely beside outselves

New books: our favourite for the Man Booker Prize

Looking for new books to read? Check out the Man Booker Prize shortlist! It’s less than 2 weeks until the winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize is…


We will miss you #GBBO Chetna !

You were one of our favourites – thanks for introducing us to all your great spice suggestions and warm memories! Widgets

Photo of Lena Dunham

Why we are still obsessed with Lena Dunham – her new book out now!

Ever since Lena Dunham became a household name by being the lead star in Girls we have been obsessed. This continues with the release of her first book…

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