So here’s today’s dilemma – who would you rather – Chris Pratt or Tom Hardy? And if your answer is an instant – ‘both!’ – it doesn’t count.

Both have hot new revival movies out with Tom’s re-take on Mad Max and Chris chasing dinosaurs in Jurassic World. Remember these originals?



With all the hype currently surrounding these guys – we can’t easily decide – but let’s do our best to break it down for you.

Chris can make you laugh on demand

Chris Pratt funny photo

but Tom has those Tatts

Tom Hardy tatts photo


Chris doesn’t mind if you just wanna chill

Chris Pratt Xbox photo

But Tom will motivate you to work out … hardy

Tom Hardy fight photo

Chris won’t judge you on your job

Chris Pratt job photo

but Tom is a dog guy

Tom Hardy dog photo

Chris Pratt can instantly shape up

Chris Pratt change body photo

but Tom is always …

Tom Hardy photo