We love Christmas music! Whether it’s a Carol, Bublé or Mariah, we can’t get enough.

But maybe not everyone shares our enthusiasm for such festive tunes? You know the types – the ones who complain all December, refuse to join in and generally prance about being Misery Marys.

Well – we wanted to share to you one of our Christmas secrets – Jackie Beat’s Holiday Ho! Album  (downloadable here). Guaranteed to to get everyone in the proper spirit of the season – and if this fails, there is always alcohol!*

Jackie Beat’s: Holiday Ho! – add to your 2014 Christmas Playlist

With hits like “Jingle Bell Cock” and “WOW – you’re busy too!” – Jackie Beat’s Holiday Ho! is our number one favourite and saves you from putting together a playlist from various sources. Obviously suitable for all ages** – so play loudly at all times.

If you aren’t quite convinced – check out this sampler. You won’t be sorry. Enjoy!

Christmas Playlist 2014






*Alcohol + Jackie Beat is encouraged.

** Not quite true