If you love Deliciously Ella, then we think you will love The Detox Kitchen Bible Cookbook. While we still feel that we have more to try and test in the
Deliciously Ella Cookbook – we couldn’t wait to try out the recipes in this tome (and you can probably see from our photo that we have already flagged some ‘must make immediately recipes!’

If you haven’t heard about this one – let us break it down for you.

The Detox Kitchen Bible Cookbook is by Lily Simpson and Rob Hobson and includes 200 recipes – each one wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. You might be screwing up your face at the thought of this – ie – is it also ‘taste’ free? Well we will let you know that we have already tried a couple of their recipes and they have yet to disappoint.

So what makes The Detox Kitchen Bible Cookbook different? Well in many ways it is not so different from other similar cookbooks – but what we like so much about the book is that it is very clear on its philosophy.

This is how Lily Simpson introduces us to their approach:

Food should be tempting and pleasurable to eat. That is at the heart of the way I cook. It makes no sense to me to prepare and serve food simply because it is good for you. To have wholesome, healthy food in your life, it is essential that you enjoy eating it.

She then goes on to add:

This is why I created the Detox Kitchen, working with nutritionist Rob Hobson. I am a chef, so when devising a dish, my first aim is to please the tastebuds….

So let us also ‘pro’ and ‘con’ our initial thoughts on the recipes and book:


  • The recipe book definitely lives up to its ‘bible’ name – there is a wealth of information included on the nutritional element of the ingredients in each recipe.
  • Common health issues are explained in sufficient detail. The book treats you like a grown up and doesn’t just give you a broad general overview. These conditions are then matched with recipes and foods which aim to provide relief. If for example, you have immunity, fatigue, and/or digestive issues then you will find recipes that aim to help you.
  • It explains what the use of certain ‘healthy’ ingredients and how they are used to substitute ‘un-healthy’ ones. For example, dates are used to substitute refined sugar in some recipes.


  • It’s a heavy big book – it will take up space!
  • There is not a photo for every recipe – we kind of like to see what we ‘should’ be making.
  • It carries a £20 odd price tag – seems steep – but you do get a lot of information for the price.

But on the whole – buy it quick and start cooking!