Detox? On Cake? Why yes please! We give you a delicious and somewhat wholesome:

Apple Ginger Cake!

We have adapted the recipe for this Apple Ginger Cake from the now very well thumbed – The Detox Kitchen Bible and follows on from the success we have had with making their detox caramel slice and beetroot brownies.

So what’s so detox about this Apple Ginger Cake?

The Detox Kitchen Bible tells us that this cake

What worked well for us

The smell of this cake while it cooks is amazing but note that it does take some time – over an hour in the oven and then you have to chill it in the fridge afterwards for a couple of hours. Healthy is definitely labour intensive!

We also made good use of our mixer to help us whisk the wet ingredients – but you can always be less lazy than us and use some elbow grease!

Let’s get baking!

1. Start by pre-heating your oven to 180C/ 160C Fan / Gas 4. Line the bottom of a round 19cm cake tin with baking paper and gather your ingredients

Apple Ginger Cake ingredients photo


Apple Ginger Cake whisked wet ingredients photo

Apple Ginger Cake ingredients mix photo

Apple Ginger Cake ready for oven photo