This year’s Father’s Day falls on Sunday 21 June and it is probably the only ‘gift giving’ time which we struggle the most with – what do you get Dad?

To help you answer that question – we have a selection of some great presents to spoil him.

We give you our Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Tech Edition

The Dad in your life may already be an early adopter when it comes to technology – or woefully left in the pre-Facebook ages. Either way – these boys toys will keep him entertained. Here is our top 5 selection (which you can easily purchase by clicking on the photos below).

1. Smartwatch

We know, we know – the AppleWatch gets all the hype, but we have chosen the Sony Smartwatch as our pick. Why? Mainly for its price – just over £60 it won’t break the bank and gives him a chance to try it out to see if he will like / use it.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Groovy headphones are not just for hipsters these days and possibly the one thing that Dad may really appreciate this year is some peace and quiet. If he hasn’t already got a pair – why not try noise cancelling headphones. But a note of warning – the good ones don’t come cheap and we think Bose are the best. So it’s probably a good idea if you can put in with your brothers / sisters as a group present. Just make sure you still get him your own card.

3. Tablet

Dad probably already has one – but does he need a new one / upgrade? Tablets are ubiquitous now and it is not longer just iPads. Given the range and price – why not spoil Dad with a tablet – maybe a smaller one just for his commute or for travel?

4. Fitbit

Fitbit has recently revised their fitness tracker by adding in a heart rate monitor – meaning that Dad can track almost all of his exercise activities and their impact. For those dads that want to improve their ‘Dad Bods’ or just maintain – the Fitbit is a winner to get a fuller picture of his overall health.

5. Beats Pill Speaker

We have never really been convinced on portable / bluetooth speakers and couldn’t really see they value – that was until we heard the Beats Pill Speaker. The quality of sound is amazing and they look great. For the DJ Dad on the go – or just when you want music for the backyard BBQ.