Is Dad a bit of a hipster?

Does he ever say: ‘you probably haven’t heard of them‘ when he mentions a new band? or does he work in marketing but uses the title ‘social media manager‘?

He may not fit within the above, but we are sure that you would know if your dad’s eccentricity brings him in hipster territory. Possibly the worst person to buy anything for – but don’t worry – we got you with some funny and more serious hipster items to make his day great.

Here’s our top 5 picks

1. Record player

Hipster Dad will go nuts for a retro record player – just don’t get stuck listening to his collection!

2. Vintage typewriter


We all know Hipster Dad has an Apple notebook – but he will proudly display a vintage typewriter in his workspace as his pride and joy.

3. T-shirt

Save Dad the trouble of ‘stating the obvious’ by buying him this T-shirt letting all those know he has seen it first.

4. Casio watch

One of the great things about having a hipster dad is that he won’t need an expensive rolex – an old style casio will be so well received!

5. Moustache cufflinks (or they could be moustache anything really)

If all else fails – poke a little fun at Dad’s hipster moustache with some cufflinks. He’ll need them to keep his sleeve cuff intact when ironically wearing a formal shirt.