We are huge fans of Channel 4’s Gogglebox and are eagerly awaiting its new series. But what are we to do in the meantime? It’s the middle of winter and we need good tele! (and by good tele, we mean, watching funny people – watching tele!)

Well, we have some great news. It will come as no surprise to you that Gogglebox has taken the world by storm and there are other versions of it across the globe. One of our favourites is the US version, known as the People’s Couch. And the best news is … not only is it very funny …. but full episodes …. are available on Youtube … for free!

So what do you need to know about the US version of Gogglebox?

  1. It is not as good as our beloved UK Gogglebox – but this goes without saying (no one can replace June and Leon).
  1. The US version does not tackle hard hitting issues like watching the news, but on the plus side, they do watch other reality tv – so it kinds of balances itself out.
  1. They don’t have ‘like for like’ families or friends as the UK version – but don’t fear they still have gays!
  1. Did we mention you can access it online for free? FREE!

Watch the US version of Gogglebox by searching for the People’s Couch channel on Youtube or by clicking here.

And here’s a clip to give you a taste of what to expect – Enjoy!