A lot of supermarkets are lifting their game with their fresh fruit and vegetable offerings and we have found Tesco to be one of the best both in terms of quality and price.

This was proven when we were given the chance by Tesco to try some of their products at a discount and used their ingredients in our healthy vegetable juice – using our Nutribullet. This is our ‘go to’ pick me up for instant energy and for getting our 5 a day.

Here’s what you need:

– an apple
– a peeled lemon
– spinach (or you could use any other green leafy substitute like kale)
– ginger
– mint

Juice photo










Juice 2 photo










Juice 3 photo










Add them all to your blender and blitz!

If you want to be really healthy you could also add some chia seeds and matcha green powder. I think it tastes like grassy lemonade – enjoy!