“Sheesh! It’s how many days to Christmas?” and “How many ‘pay’ days does that leave me?” – make money now!

Do these thoughts creep into your mind as you try to get your head around another busy ‘spending’ period?

Our levels of anxiety can easily reach all new time highs at this time of year, and one key factor is down to money and how we are going to pay for it all. We then start thinking – is there an easy way we can make some extra money?

One way we thought we could take the edge off our financial spend is if we sold some rarely used items. But where do you start – and how much time and effort will it take? We wanted to make our extra Christmas funds project as easy as possible so we focused on just one set of items – DVDs and CDs.

Why sell DVDs and CDs?

  • They appeal to a wide audience
  • They are relatively small and lightweight – so easy to post
  • For some people they are becoming obsolete and your window to sell them could be closing – many people enjoy buying and listening to music digitally and watch TV and movies via their on demand TV services. Does anyone still even use VHS tapes?
  • Selling them is a great de-clutter exercise

How to sell?

We tried out both eBay and Music Magpie and give you our take on each. Hopefully this will help you decide what might work best for you.

Make money with eBay


  • No shortage of buyers
  • Can easily find out what others have paid for similar items
  • Gives you the option to set a fixed price or you can have a bit more fun and see what your items goes for with an ‘auction’ style listing
  • For DVDS and CDs, no need to take a photo or write a description, they have a tool to assist here


  • Fees – be careful and inform yourself of the fees which may be charged. These may include a listing fee, selling fee (and also fees / risk of chargebacks for accepting payments by PayPal)
  • Delivery admin – if you sold many items, each item is to be sent to a different seller, and at different times depending on when you get paid

Make money with Music Magpie


  • You get offered an instant price for each eligible CD or DVD
  • We found the time it takes to be offered a price is less than listing an item on eBay – great for selling bulk amounts.
  • Easy shipment – to only music magpie and they paid for our shipping costs
  • Payment was quickly made by cheque, no risk of chargebacks etc.


  • Only one set price for each item, no chance for others to ‘bid’ on the item
  • You are paid after you ship the items
  • Not all items are accepted
  • You have to reach a certain threshold amount before they will be accepted.