Why be mindful and meditate?

As reported in the Guardian, an Office for National Statistics report suggests that nearly 1/5 of adults experience anxiety or depression. This seems somewhat outdated and could very likely be much higher.

We all fee the pressure of modern living and sometimes find less than ideal coping mechanisms. To relieve some of this pressure we wanted to give you our top 3 list of healthy meditation and mindfulness tools.

1. Sleep Easy Meditation with Shazzie

Sleep Easy Mindfulness photo

Our ‘go to’ app for meditating before when we get is the Shazzie – Sleep Easy Meditation. We really like that the app takes you through a full body relaxation before the meditation imagery. Shazzie has a soothing voice which helps set up your body for a good night’s sleep.

What we like the most – the free version is great and it is not too long – just over 20 minutes.

Any issues? It can take a few listens to get used to the meditation / imagery section – but definitely not a deal-breaker.

2. Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

Mindfulness book photo

For a thorough and proper guide into the world of Mindfulness, this book is well worth its price.  It’s mindfulness principles are based on ‘Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy’. This therapy  has been recommended by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence and has also been lauded to be  at least as effective as drugs for depression.

You can buy a hard copy of the book – which comes with a CD – but we suggest you download the audible version.

What we liked – the concepts behind the mindfulness therapy is easily explained and there are many guided meditation exercises to try. It is not one of those ‘self help’ books that pads out its messages with various testimonies – it gets right down to it.

Where it wasn’t so good – a minor point, but for the audible version we use, you need to skip through to the meditations and they aren’t so easily located.

3. The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people

Mindfulness colouring book photo

This one is just simple and fun. The theory behind this mindfulness tool is that as you colour in the various scenes and patterns in this book, you meditate and become mindful of your artwork by using your creative outlooks. As its blurb states:

Take a few minutes out of your day, wherever you are, and colour your way to peace and calm.

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below if you use any of the above – or have any other great ideas for meditation or being mindful.