We ♥Amy Schumer

Did you catch Amy Schumer’s speech at the UK Glamour Awards? No? Then drop everything and click here (if at work, you may want to pop some headphones on – it isn’t PG).

If you are like us you will have to watch it at least 3 times, possibly 4.

Now can you understand why we are becoming more and more obsessed with her? Just watching Jennifer Saunders lose it in the background is worth watching in itself.

Amy has been around for a little while and appears to finally be getting the accolades she has well earned. She is a true New Yorker and has a real edge when it comes to her comedy – not being shy to talk about her sexual (mis)adventures. In all cases – she tells it like it is and her self deprecating humour makes is simultaneously relatable and endearing.

Amy also has her own Comedy Central show – Inside Amy Schumer which has become a cult classic.

But if you want to catch some more Amy – we are pleased to share some of her other best bits – oh and as mentioned in our TV round up for the week – you can also watch her on Friday’s Graham Norton Show.

Take it away Amy!

Amy Schumer roasting Roseanne Barr

Amy on Ellen – loving her take on being in L.A.

Stand up clips from Amy’s show

Amy with Amber Rose at the movies

The infamous – Milk Milk Lemonade parody – with more Amber Rose


And if you want even more of Amy Schumer – she has a brilliant stand up DVD that you can buy and watch her all the time!