It’s Pride Month – Yipee!

There is much to celebrate this pride month – culminating with the London Pride Parade this Saturday.

Pride is a wonderful time of year to come together, celebrate diversity and remind ourselves of the hard work still need to ensure full equality for the LGBT community.

If you need more information on the events taking place in London this Pride Month – then please check out the excellent Pride London website.

But not everyone can celebrate pride month by attending the events in London. But this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out! There are a bunch of great dvds which you can watch throughout Pride Month to inspire you!

Here’s our essential top 5 picks

1. Pride! – the movie

A very easy one to start with is the very funny and moving, Pride. It tells the story of how the LGBT community supported the Welsh miners during the miner strike years. There is so much to love about this story – not to mention its retro soundtrack. Keep your tissues handy as this film reminds us how far we’ve come -and why it’s important to keep going.

2. Milk 

Milk is another easy pick for Pride Month. Starring Sean Penn and with James Franco – Milk tells the story of  Harvey Milk, California’s first openly gay public official. By Gus van Sant, it is an academy award winning film that doesn’t hold back on the struggle of this courageous man.

3. Stonewall

A same named title is about to be released modernising the struggles of those before the watershed of the Stonewall Riots. Watch the original before the one hits the screens.

4. Paris is burning

Are you a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Of course you are! Well – this groundbreaking 1990 documentary examines the lives of NY gay men that invented vogueing in a wonderfully close and diverse sub-culture.

5. We Were Here

We Were Here is a beautifully crafted documentary on the impact the AIDS epidemic had on the city of San Francisco. For many this will be a reminder of a place and time – and for many others that were not around at that time – a great insight into what those before you went through.