Hey girl, what’s up? Need some advice? Well who doesn’t!

But don’t ask us – we have no idea. Luckily we know someone who will give it to you ‘straight’ – well kinda.

We are talking about the fabulous Ross Mathews and his increasingly popular podcast – Straight Talk with Ross.

You may already know Ross from his best selling book – Man Up!

He also had a show on the E! network – ‘Hello Ross’ as well as being a hilarious regular on the Chelsea Lately roundtable (here’s a refresher…)

Now Ross is focusing a lot of his attention on bringing us a podcast where he dishes dirt on current events, pop culture and of course – he takes questions from listeners and gives them his ‘straight talk’ advice.

Here’s how it is described on the PodcastOne website:

Featuring Ross Mathews as the go-to guy for anyone who needs a BFF to give them guidance, direction or a good ole’ slap in the face, Straight Talk (Advice & LOL’s from the Gay Best Friend You Wish You Had and Know You Need) might be the most interactive podcast ever. Tackling relationships and dating, friendship and beyond, no topic is off limits or too taboo.

Why we love it

First of all, the podcast is named after the fantastic early 90s Dolly Parton movie, Straight Talk and it uses the same theme song. How had we forgotten this?


It also makes us giggle as it is full of Ross’ camp style and take on any and all topics. He also has regular contributors including his ex workmate and friend, Daria; his childhood friend Tator Tot; and his manager, “Mark”. Mark is the subject of some mean (but fun spirited) teasing which everyone is welcome to contribute.

Perfect for a commute or just when you want to relax.

Where can I get it

Download it via the podcast one website or via iTunes.

You can also follow the show via Facebook and Twitter and please let us know if what you think of it by filling out our comment section!