Are you already bombarded with lists of what should be on your Summer Reads list? Well, apologies in advance because … here’s another.

But don’t worry – we have edited it down to focus only on those books relating to fashion and its followers. You will find a mixture of the newly released and some gems you may have missed.

You won’t be embarrassed with any of our summer reads picks –  whether lounging near the pool / in your cabana (or finding a patch of sunny grass in your lunch hour).

Primates of Park Avenue

This book is generating A LOT of BUZZZZZZ and we  wouldn’t be doing our job if it wasn’t included at the top of our summer reads list. Here’s the lowdown – the author, Wednesday Martin examines the denizens of the Upper East Side Manhattan – notably the wealthy mothers and looks to decode their ‘primate social codes’. Sound all a bit ‘Gorillas in the Mist’? Well, that’s because it lends itself to the same theory – Ms. Martin has a background in anthropology. The novel tracks her own time trying to fit in with this social crowd and how she tries to make sense of it using her primatology knowledge. Ever want to know the desire for a Birkin Bag? Apparently it’s all to do with establishing group dominance…

Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

To immerse yourself properly into the world of Fashion (with a capital F), you won’t be disappointed with this novel on McQueen and Galliano. If there were to be ‘super designers’ to match the ‘super model’ tag, these boys would be our picks. An easy one to add to our summer reads list.

We think the following official description sums it up perfectly

Spanning the 80s, 90s and noughties, Gods and Kings tells the story of these two charismatic figures and times of great change in the world of fashion, from London’s raucous art and club scene to the old-world glamour of Parisian couture, and reveals the machinations of this notoriously secretive industry.

Front Row: Anna Wintour

No fashion list (summer reads or otherwise) should leave out Anna Wintour and this book is a great page turner. Like every unauthorised biography should be! If you wanted to know how Anna made her way to the top job at US Vogue then this memoir will give you all the details. For all you budding fashion editors out there – take this as your ‘how to make it’ blueprint for success!

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside

Now if you really do want a blueprint on how to make it in fashion – and anywhere else for that matter – mother hen Kelly Cutrone (from Fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution) will tell you how it is. She gives very blunt but real advice on how to make it at work and what your boss will expect of you. There is also a bunch of other advice on how to find your way socially as well. A bit of tough love – but if you are looking for summer reads to give you plenty to think about then this book is for you.

I’ll Drink to That: New York’s Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style – With a Twist

If you want some proper escapism and to be transported to a different time and world, then Betty Halbreich’s memoir is for you. She has led one of those New York lives … attending Park Avenue parties in the 50s and generally living the high life. While there is some tragedy involved, Betty spent 40 odd years at Bergdorf Goodmans working with all types of celebrities, socialites and other name makers. Ok so maybe this needs to go to the top of our summer reads list!