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Break bad habits with Gretchen Rubin!

Many of you have probably heard of Gretchen Rubin – she is the best selling author of The Happiness Project, a wonderful book full of useful advice on…

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Summer Reads : Fashionistas and their followers

Are you already bombarded with lists of what should be on your Summer Reads list? Well, apologies in advance because … here’s another. But don’t worry – we…


Detox with Apple Ginger Cake

Detox? On Cake? Why yes please! We give you a delicious and somewhat wholesome: Apple Ginger Cake! We have adapted the recipe for this Apple Ginger Cake from the…

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Check out the Grace Helbig Podcast

Just who is Grace Helbig? Is she: A YouTube star? Hint:  2.     A bestselling author Hint:                    3….

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BBQ Season: Make These Delicious Detox Turkey Burgers

Does your mouth salivate at the mention of BBQ? Ours sure does. We wish we could eat it all year round! Luckily – it’s that time of year…

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Easy Ina Garten Lasagne

We are big fans of the Barefoot Contessa – so we were excited to try this Ina Garten Lasagne       This lasagne is very tasty and could…

Father's Day Books

Father’s Day Books

If all else fails when trying to find the perfect gift for your dad – you can always re-stock your dad’s reading collection (don’t even think of buying socks…

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Today’s favourite podcast – Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

Hey girl, what’s up? Need some advice? Well who doesn’t! But don’t ask us – we have no idea. Luckily we know someone who will give it to…

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Detox with Turkey and Cashew Curry

Our review of The Detox Kitchen Bible gets better and better – we have been really happy with how well their recipes work out. We continue this with their…

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Bright Eyed Beetroot Brownies!

Detox with beetroot brownies You may have seen our recent posts raving about the Detox Kitchen Bible Cookbook – we have been testing out many of their recipes with fantastic…

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