Here’s today’s round up of things that make us Yipee YiYo!

1. Nicki Minaj in L’uomo Vogue

Nicki Minaj Photo for Yipee post






Nicki Minaj covers the October music edition of L’uomo Vogue and we can’t stop staring at her great Vogue look. You can find more photos of her ‘butching’ it up spread via Vogue Italia’s site.

And if you need some theme music when reading more, here is the Beyonce and Nicki Minaj remix everyone is raving about.

2. Twin Peaks returning to our screens on the US showtime cable network

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You have probably seen the rumours sent out by some cryptic tweets by David Lynch that “Dear Twitter friends … it is happening again’. Well it appears to be happening with 9 new episodes to screen on the US showtime network in 2016. Will all our answers be solved? Will it still have the same haunting theme song? We will be keenly waiting to find out. The official video of the announcement can be found here.

And since you have until 2016 to get up to speed, why not catch up and on the previous 2 seasons via:

3. Cronuts – the ‘Official” recipe is now available

Cronut Yipee Post





If, like us, you have felt a little foolish lining up around that particular NY soho bakery just to join the hype to try the official cronut, then you now have the chance to make them at home. And yes, we know that there have been imitations around for some time – but now you get the chance to learn the recipe of the original taste maker himself.

Dominque Ansel is releasing a new cookbook (out in the UK on 28 Oct) which gives us all the details of his ‘at home’ recipe – but we warn you, it is apparently a 3 day process and not for a novice chef! If you can’t wait for the cookbook – you can check out his recipe right here.

4. More words of wisdom from Lena Dunham

Lena Yipee Post  feature

Did we mention we were obsessed? Anyway – to round off our Yipee catch up – here are some more words of wisdom from Lena via the fabulous BuzzFeed site.