Already missing BGT? Don’t fear there’s plenty of great tv this week – here’s our top picks

(Congratulations Jules + Matisse!!)


We are so happy to see some decent comedies on Monday night – who doesn’t need a laugh to kick off the week. Our top tv choices are Episodes (BBC2 10pm) and the return of the silly Man Down (C4 10pm). They both clash so we suggest you watch Episodes (without ads) and DVR Man Down.


If you are feeling a bit more serious and need a dose of gratitude – then try Where am I sleeping tonight (BBC3 9pm) – a film on the lives of homeless people in Bristol. You may also be interested in Outbreak – the truth about Ebola (BBC2 9pm) which examines how the outbreak ran amok.

Regular favourites: Modern Family (8pm Sky1); Game of Thrones (9pm Sky Atlantic) Revenge (8pm E4)and Mom (9pm ITV2).


Tuesday is a night of dramas. The Syndicate (BBC1 9pm) returns as we find a new set of characters cashing in on their lottery winnings (why can’t it be us!!).

Also Tuesday sees another episode of our favourite show at the moment – the brilliant C4 drama, No Offence (9pm). If you have yet to see it, don’t start now and wait for the box set as there is an ongoing story line and characterisation which needs to be followed.

Other regular favourite: Elementary (9pm Sky Living).


Hump day sees the return of the tear jerking Long Lost Family (9pm ITV) – have your tissues at the ready! We feel it is our civic duty to also let you know that BBC1 will be showing a documentary on the NHS at 9pm. Titled, ‘NHS: The Perfect Storm’ it is a Panaroma special which looks at the NHS in Liverpool and challenges faces by staff and patients alike.

Probably the best tele today is on Sky Atlantic with the showing of both the award winning The Affair (9pm) and Doll and Em (10pm) 

Other favourite: Nashville (10pm E4).


Tonight sees the premiere of Big Box Little Box – touted as being the ‘Gogglebox’ of product testing. You can check it out on ITV at 8:30pm. What we are really looking forward to is the final of The Game 9pm BBC2. A London spy thriller set in the 70s – what’s not to love!

Weekly favourite – The Good Wife (9pm More4) Scandal (10pm Sky Living) Wayward Pines (9pm Fox)


The end of the week is a little light on great tele – so if you are in early, perhaps a chance to catch up on what you may have missed earlier in the week. However, we are excited to see this week’s Graham Norton Show (10:35pm BBC1). Comedienne, Amy Schumer is a scheduled guest and she is everything!

Weekly favourite: Have I Got News For You (9pm BBC1)